Friday, December 14, 2012

Noise Pollution

Normally when we leave our homes we found a number of sounds in the environment, some can be very uncomfortable and others that does not affect us much. In cities is where more noise is, and as we move away from the city, the sound decreases. Sometimes these sounds may become uncomfortable and potentially affect the auditory system, but not only that, but the noise can bring other consequences to our body. For example: can affect sleep when we are dealing with noise pollution. Pregnant women can also suffer alterations in fetal development. The constant noise can also cause negative effects on children.

Noise pollution affects us when to sleep, after spend a day surrounded by noise, at bedtime, can affect us because it will be more difficult to sleep. And not only affects us that way, but these sudden noises can awaken people who are sleeping and short sleep time. This may cause the person to unveil, losing sleep and affecting daily activities.

Noise also can have negative effects on fetuses. During development, they are able to perceive and respond to sounds, especially if they are very loud sounds. If the noise is constant in the first weeks of pregnancy may affect their development. If noise occurs after 5 months of pregnancy, children might become intolerant to noise and will mourn on hearing loud noises.

The constant noise affects learning and health of children, when children are educated in noisy environments, they lose their ability to respond to acoustic signals, suffer disruptions in their ability to listen as well as a delay in learning to read and verbal communication. All these factors mean that the child is isolated, making it very sociable.

It is important that everyone know about the effects of noise on the human body, there are many consequences that can bring with it living or spend much time in a place with lots of noise pollution. The noise can be very annoying, and not only that, but harmful to our bodies and health. So it is important that we take preventive measures, such as eliminating sources of noise, or have control of these sources of noise. It is very important to look after our health.

Lisa Goines, RN, Louis Hagler, MD.(2007).Noise Pollution: A Modern Plague 



Finding a Niche

The situation that involves the process of immigration has always been a controversial and difficult part of human society. The mixture of political and cultural differences between countries has never provided an easy establishment in a new social environment. It is always a slow and tedious process, in which people sacrifice a lot from themselves in order to ensure a better and stronger future, especially for their families. In a general manner, societies must be more tolerant and open to this people, because it is not easy to leave the place in which one was born, and especially when discrimination and inequality is suffered.

Goodbye to te sit-Down Meal

Eassy # 5

As time goes by, we have gradually lost the habit of sitting with family members to eat. People have adapted different customs that have been changing this practice of having sit-down meals. There are several factors influencing this change. People now consume fast food due tolack of time; Family members have different shedules of activitird and meals; they prefer other activities instead of family meals.

Today we live a very fast life, mainly because of studies and work. This means that when you get home no one wants to prepare food. and it is easier to eat out, call the express service or buy food somewhere else to take it home, instead of cooking at home. When this happens, the family members prefer to go to any part of the house where they feel comfortable, like having dinner in bed, in the living room or in different parts of the house.

Currentlythe members of the family have different activities; parents work and children go to school. So nobody is home . Then, at night when everyone is tired, they prefer to eat food that is quick to prepare, and some eat befor the others, and that is how we have been losing the custome of family dinner.

Arriving home tired is common after a busy day at work, school or college. And it is easier to eat some type of fast food. Sometimes when you get to the house there are other activities or duties to preform, and therefore eating at the computer is very common, and not only that, but some people prefer to eat whiles watching television, which has become a custom followed by all family members.

These are the most common problems that are experienced with changing habits, thanks to technology, stress, lack of time. We have lost the habit of sitting with family member to eat, and this somehow affecrs the realtionshi within the family and feed in habits related to fast foods, which damage the body and bring with them a large number of diseases that can be lethal.

What is the use of Homework?

 The main purpose of homework is to practice more what you see in class and reinforce knowledge. To investigate whether we know about a subject or not, it also help us to review and study the subject so we don’t forget it. When doing a math exercise and we don’t understand something like how to solve it, or if we realize that we need to review something else, so then we can ask the teacher for a more detailed explanation, and to clear our doubts.

Homework helps us to be more responsible with our jobs, and go slowly forming us. It needs to be yourself who should take the initiative to start doing homework in a timely manner, and be clear that it is a responsibility to yourself and not anyone else.

Doing homework helps us achieve a common management time, so plan how long we can last doing a task. Take it as a responsibility; it does not matter if you have to stop doing other activities to make homework as it should be. Is better to be responsible to take some time to devote to homework, and not have limited time for other activities.

Homework is important because many times when they are in groups of peers, you learn to relate to people who think differently to us, to respect the decisions and concerns of others. Namely managing the relationship with others when our points of views are different, this will help us shape little by little.
Personally, I think homework is very important in our education and I completely agree with it, since it works as a reinforcement of what we study in class. Homework helps us not just to learn but to become better professionals. 



Everyone wants to enjoy a long life. Although some say that some habits can help us stay healthy and extend shelf life. Different populations throughout the world, show that this theory of living many years is true, depending on the quality of life that we have, there is a list of steps for that are extremely important to achieve healthy aging. Some of the recommendations to be followed for a long life are:

Diet: It is important to extend the life span. This should be rich in green and yellow vegetables and low in calories, grains are very healthy, fresh foods and avoid processed foods. Also avoid fast food and very greasy. It is also recommended to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. And exercise regularly, especially if you tend to eat greasy foods.

Getting enough sleep can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mood disorders. Getting enough sleep will also help you recover from illness faster. People who work at dawn are serious health risks. Less than 5 hours sleep per night increases the risk of premature death and sleep is a priority. Just like having stress management.

Mood, social relationships and personal fulfillment are also important to achieve healthy aging. The habits of friends influence people, so you should look for partners with healthy lifestyles. As several studies shows that married people tend to live longer than those who are single. Many researchers attribute the difference to the social and economic support that marriage provides.

To achieve long-term survival, the only thing to do is follow a number of steps which should become healthy and living habits. In current youth culture meals are not healthy and people tend to live shorter lives and suffer from many diseases that lead to death. Therefore we recommend exercise, drink water, eat healthy and above all smile and be happy.

Animal Intelligence

Essay # 4

Importance of eating animal meat

People should eat animals to have a healthy diet because eating red and white meat is very important for our body. This meat has several components that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is important to consume a certain amount of red meat a month and combine it with white meat to create a nutritional balance. Animal meats provides proteins and amino acids, iron and vitamin B12, and omega-3 fat.

Red meat provides amino acids and proteins, which are essential for the body; these are necessary elements for the physical processes such as muscle growth and recovery, energy production, hormone production and proper functioning of thenervous system. The high concentration of proteins contained in meat is necessary for cell regeneration because every cell in our body needs amino acids.

Iron is very indispensable in the body because red blood cells are constantly replenished to have sufficient iron. If you do not have adequate amounts of this element, you can suffer from anemia, fatigue, and infections. Vitamine B12 is important for metabolism; it forms red blood cells in the blood and central nervous system maintenance.

Omega-3 is more common in fish from the sea. It reduces inflammation and helps reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, arthritis, or heart disease. These fatty acids are found in high amounts in the brain and play an important role as this brings to our body ¨good ¨ fat, which is needed. This fat reduces symptoms and suffering of bipolar disorder, depression and Alzheimer., 

You need to consume adequate amounts of meat either red or white, as these give a lot of benefits to the human body and also helps it to perform its functions properly, to prevent potentially fatal diseases and to reduce diseases already present. These are components that the body needs for better and proper functioning. 

Animal Intelligence

Sleep Deprivation

Essay # 3


Insomnia is one of the most common diseases that we have in our society, it is said that it mainly affects young children, causing a disorder in the body, which can lead to other common conditions and cause serious problems. Several factors can lead to cause insomnia in people, and this brings many negative consequences, so it is very important to know how to prevent this disease.

This condition can be associated with stress, either by personal situations, economics or work related among others. Also the bad habit of falling asleep and waking up at different times, combined with eating habits before going to bed can cause sleeping problems. One of the possible factors of insomnia can be related to taking medications that prevent sleep, and drinks that excites the nervous system, such as coffee, tea, alcohol and energy drinks, or people with excessive anxiety states.

Sleep plays a regenerative role in body, and the lack of it causes disorders such as depression, daytime fatigue, memory difficulties and disorientation. In the worst case not sleeping adequate hours, is likely to cause traffic and labor accidents by constant fatigue that occurs during the day.

To prevent insomnia is advisable to eat light foods before sleep and not exercise in hours before bedtime, as this causes the nervous system to activate and lose sleep. Try getting up and going to bed at the same times every day, minimize noise and extreme light during sleep hours and preferably not eating caffeinated food 3 or 4 hours before sleep since this is an activator of the nervous system and interrupts the Sleep.

It is important to get enough sleep, for the proper functioning of our body, as it is our way to recharge our batteries, and if we do not do it the right way, it can cause diseases in our body, and make it difficult to function well during the day. Any sign of constant insomnia, you should be treated for this to avoid future complications.


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